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    Chardonnay Will

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    Post by Chardonnay Will on Fri Oct 12, 2012 1:29 am

    Night Club


    Chardonnay watched as the champagne tinkled into the thin glass before her, laughter pouring out of her mouth. The blonde stood in between two strangers, tall men who kept eyeing her low cut dress strangely, and took her drink slowly. She watched the bubbled danced up through the liquid, a profound pondering on her face. Raising the glass to her lips, Chardonnay declared, "It sorta looks like pee, if you look at it correctly," before downing the entire glass in one large gulp.

    With a soft breath, Will pulled herself from the men's sides, grabbing her dress coat. "I should be heading off," Her companions groaned and complained, but willingly let the French woman head into the crowded club. Pushing and shoving her way to the door in a drunken haze, Chardonnay barely noticed that she had left her purse back on the floor of the bar, in the sea of people.
    Juliette Josse

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    Re: Title

    Post by Juliette Josse on Thu Oct 18, 2012 11:14 pm

    She danced.

    It was simple, moving along to the beat of the song. She hardly needed to think. She just did. If everything was like this, Merlin the world would be so much easier.

    Pulling away from her dance partner with a whisper that she'd be back, Juliette steps led her towards the bar. Her eyes flicking over her drinking options, they were pulled away by a blonde. Watching the girl leave, an amused smirk dancing across the sober girl's face, she shook her head.

    Her gaze then drifted downward, finding the purse. A flash of recognition lighting up her green eyes, she picked it up and began to make her the way through the crowd.

    "Blondie! Get back here!"

    (Julie's still human here, btw)


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