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    I Dare You

    Ninette Fontaine
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    Sixth Year Prefect

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    I Dare You

    Post by Ninette Fontaine on Fri Oct 12, 2012 11:46 pm

    Her clothes were pristine and stylish as always. Her hair even wasn't quite as shockingly bright. The novelty of pink hair had worn off after the first few months. Although she wasn't ready to get rid of it, even she couldn't handle the vibrancy any more. She had toned it down slightly.

    It also made it easier to accessorize. It had been a hell of a time with her hair.

    The spring slowly creeping its way into the world, the snow was melting into bleak slush, and her stylish boots weren't coping well with the muck. Huffing in irritation, she stopped below the sign announcing the title of the expensive restaurant. Turning towards the tinted window, she frowned at her reflection, pouting out her lips and fluffing her hair. As she did so her stomach rumbled, she glanced up at the sign and then back down at herself. Pride wouldn't let her go in alone, but as she gaze the street about her her lips grew up in a confident smirk.

    She was Ninette Fontaine. She didn't have to do anything alone - and spying a vaguely familiar head, she thought she knew just the target.


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