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    William Garrison

    William Garrison
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    William Garrison

    Post by William Garrison on Thu Oct 18, 2012 12:17 am

    *William Garrison*

    *I don't give a Rat's ass what you do, so don't ask my approval*

    Name: William Nicholas Garrison
    Nickname: Will
    Age: (Keep blank if you're a student)
    Date of Birth: December 25
    Birthplace: Liverpool England
    Current Home: Liverpool England
    Blood Purity: Pureblood
    Gender: Male
    Sexual alignment: Heterosexual
    Job: Student

    Face Claim: Trevor Moore
    Body type: Tall, Slender, Lanky
    Height: 6'
    Hair: Dark borwn, Chin length, sort of limp
    Eyes: Brown
    Unique features: A Scar on his arm from when he fell down the steps as a kid
    Dressing style: Dresses like your average kid. Jeans, T-shirts, hoodies, etc

    Likes: Hot Chicks, Sneaking out, Partying, (eventually) Drugs, (eventually) Drinking
    Dislikes: Nerds, People getting in his face, Being locked in rooms, People not willing to be like him, muggles
    Fears: Koalas, Tight Spaces, Big Words
    Strengths: Partying, Zoning out, Sleeping
    Weaknesses: Paying attention, small spaces, every class on his schedual
    Personality: William is your average underachiever. He puts forward no effort whatsoever in anything, and it shows. He hangs out with what could be conisdered 'the wrong crowd' and has made some mistakes that will effect his life forever.

    Will is a notorious womanizer. He will spend a night with one girl, and then move on quickly to the next. Nobody understands why he does it. He does, he does it all for the thrill. He knows he'll never slow down.

    Father: Full name: Pete Francis Garrison /Age (or age they died at): 45 /Occupation: Washed up drunk /Species (if not human, specify): Pureblood wizard /Status(living or deceased): Living
    Mother: Full name: Emily Garnett Garrison /Age(or age they died at): 41 /Occupation: Ministry official /Species(if not human, specify): Pureblood witch/Status(living or deceased): Living
    Siblings: Same format. It's not obligatory for the character to have siblings.
    Other significant people: Same format. This includes extended family, spouses, etc.
    Pets: Name: Heathclife/Age(or age they died at): 5 /Species: Baby Chinese Fireball /Status(living or deceased): Living
    Overall history: When Will was only 4, his mother divorced his father and walked out of Will's life forever. He doesn't really miss her. He likes his life with his dad.

    When Will was 10, his dad shared his first bear with him, and thereby after, William took a bad tumble down the stares and had to had to get 26 stitches put in his arm. He's proud of the scar though. He shows it off as a trophy.

    At hogwarts, Will talks big game. He knows he probably couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag. But everyone else doesn't need to know that. Girls like him, and he likes girls. He irritates the hell out of his teachers, and has a very crude sense of humor.

    Favourite Spell: Fernunculous
    Signature Spell: Accio
    Patronus: Elephant

    Wand: Willow; Dragon Heatstring; 14 inches
    Other belongings: (Do they have a family ring? Or a cane ect.)

    The Mel
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    Re: William Garrison

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