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    A Major Case of the Fregoli Delusion

    Bonnie Clyde
    Beauxbatons Professor
    Beauxbatons Professor

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    A Major Case of the Fregoli Delusion

    Post by Bonnie Clyde on Tue Oct 30, 2012 2:54 pm

    Bonnie Clyde

    Alias: The Original
    Hair color: Blonde
    Hair style: however it falls
    Eye color: Grey-blue
    Height: Normal
    Nationality/Accent: Unknown
    Dress style: Anything
    Personality: Unknown

    Lydia the Italian

    Alias: The Lady
    Hair color: Strawberry Blonde
    Hair style: Elegant Updos
    Eye color: Emerald
    Height: Short
    Nationality/Accent: Italian
    Dress style: Elegant
    Personality: Proper, Lady-like, Slutty

    Codename : Jailbait

    Alias: The Badass
    Hair color: Black
    Hair Style: Straight, Shoulder length
    Eye color: Dark Blue
    Height: Normal
    Nationality/Accent: American
    Dress Style: Leather
    Personality Traits: Dangerous, Cocky

    Viva (Revo) Lution

    Alias: The Revolutionary
    Hair color: Neon Colors (mostly blue and pink)
    Hair Style: Short Bob
    Eye color: Violet
    Height: Tall
    Nationality/Accent: Russian
    Dress Style: Army Fatigues, Khaki
    Personality Traits: Hotheaded, Sacrificial


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