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    No One Mourns

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    No One Mourns

    Post by JJeh on Thu Nov 08, 2012 12:16 am

    Fire crackled, sending sparks up into the air and heat around the lone girl, small and huddled in the darkness; she was supposed to be snug in her bed, asleep. That was where everyone thought she was - though some part of the girl wondered if she really could pull one over on her mentor. Mad probably knew exactly where she was.

    It was nice to be given the illusion of rebellious freedom.

    Though rebellion wasn't exactly what she was doing. She supposed if she thought she could have gotten out as easily, Juliet would have told her mentor what she wished to do - gotten permission for it. But the point of it was to think, she needed just a few moments alone. If she told anyone about it, she'd risk someone showing up.


    It was something that she had done with her family as a child; not her mother, she had hated the out doors, and later Simon and Abby had both dropped out of the act. But Zach, herself, and her father had gone every spring, when the weather was warm enough. It was never by any means warm, but at least they didn't freeze. They'd snuggle together by the fire, and later in the tent.

    It was the only time she really felt like a family.

    It was one of the only things she missed now, that she wasn't with them. There were other little things too of course. They were after all, a family. But nothing hurt so much as missing this.

    That was what she had snuck out for; what she wanted. Tentless, Juliet didn't exactly plan to spend the whole night out - unless she fell asleep unplanned. She had just wanted... some familiarity. A little bit of tradition that she could not break.

    She had thought she wanted to be alone, to mourn the lost she had imposed on herself. But, now that she had sat there, the warmth wrapping around her, and her thoughts already thought, she found she felt even more alone than before.

    Maybe it would have been nice to have one person there, just for a moment. One person she felt like, maybe she could pretend she was family with.

    For a bit.

    For a moment.


    Just one person, would have been nice.


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