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    Diane Scamander
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    something, something || open

    Post by Diane Scamander on Mon Nov 12, 2012 12:53 pm

    A fountain pen, old pieces of parchment, a book, and an unseemingly untidy hair was what walked through the door as Diane swept into the cafe, a much too large traveling cloak adorning her shoulders. She took no notice of anyone inside, simply swept past a couple of tables, half knocking them over with the heavy material of her cloak as it whipped by, knocking things over and sending chairs flying.

    Once at the counter, Diane half slammed her fist on the counter.
    "A tea, two sugars, and two of your undeniably amazing crepes" she said with a generous smile before pulling out a couple of galleons to pay and sweeping off to a corner booth, her book under one arm. There was hardly a delay between when she sat down, to when her tea and crepes were set in front of her.

    "Thank you kind sir!" She said enthusiastically, before setting her fountain pen on the paper, and looking around the room, surveying her own destructive path, and watching the reactions of the people who were confronted with such an odd person.

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