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    Hunters Playground


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    Hunters Playground

    Post by Jareth Pierce on Mon Nov 26, 2012 5:28 am


    Dark Hunters Faction Plot

    In a world were daimons(Vampire Like creatures that suck human souls in order to survive by killing the host) roam free at night looking for a soul to keep them from dying, only those like Jareth seek to rid of the vermin that infests New York. Come become Jareth's army or if you rather roam alone there is also room for that. Don't let the legion of Daimons take over New York be the one who stands and fights to protect mankind who knows you might find your true love. But what happens if your true love finds you are a daimon killer who only works at night, has no soul, is own by Artemis and has a pair of fangs?

    Psy/Changeling Faction Plot

    Come battle for control of Wyoming against the psy and there emotionless race by joining the changeling packs willing to break free of these oppression of dictators. Where anything can and will happen because as they battle for control some hearts will be stolen. Or become part of the emotionless race who seeks to rid of the pestering changelings and the lousy humans Do you think you have what it takes to live in the year 2083, where humans are considered the lesser species, Psy think of themselves superior among all races and Changelings are considered animals.

    Guild Hunter Faction Plot

    When vampires run from their masters (aka Angels and Archangels alike) it is the Guild Hunters who search and bring to heel these roaming rogues. Sometimes it is a matter of life and death especially when instead of following through with your 100 year contract you seek the blood of the innocent. Be the vampire that is forever flawless or be the angel that punishes the vampire who refuses to pay up with his 100 year contract. But if you rather chase and get paid to hunt down and return vampires then join the Guild Hunter Faction.

    Come Join Us at
    HUNTERS PLAYGROUND we are an RPG Based on Sherilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series along with two more factions based on Author Nalini Singh and her Psy/Changeling and Guild Hunter series. We are a brand knew rpg and we are looking for some good role-players that would love to come over and share our experience.

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