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    With Tiger Claws

    Abigail Rose
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    Third Year

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    With Tiger Claws

    Post by Abigail Rose on Sun Dec 09, 2012 8:34 pm

    Abigail was like a mini-fighter. Unknown- nobody really took her for the type to be one. Tough but not tough- wasn't a special fighter. She didn't have a tough exterior. But if you paid attention to her longer for a second, you saw that she was. In her style. In her attitude. In her personality.

    Holding up a tank top with a printed bobcat, Abigail bit her lip. She came here for a shirt that she was going to wear to a get together consisting of her family, and some family friends. It was very casual, so she didn't want to look fancy. Too fashionable. But she did want to look like she cared for her appearance.

    She looked at it from all sides. The back was lace, and the straps were a half of a inch thick. She bit her lip and looked at another shirt that different- it was a white shirt that had 'YOLO' written on it.

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