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    Stalker Becomes The Stalked

    Demetri Lancer
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    Fourth Year

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    Stalker Becomes The Stalked

    Post by Demetri Lancer on Wed Dec 12, 2012 12:06 am

    The streets seemed almost deserted, at least to Demetri. It was just after midnight, and there wasn't more than a few people in his sight. Looking around him, he still saw barely five people, maybe more, but certainly no more over 10. He wondered if any of them were fellow students, and if so, if any of them would talk to him.

    He liked being alone at night, wandering the streets. He found it a lot easier to control his gifts. The middle of the night, no matter where he was, was always the best time to wander around, because not a lot of people were around.

    He found when he was in a crowded place, he couldn't think straight now that he was more aware of everyone's emotions and feelings and well...everything.

    Shaking his head, he stuck his hands in his pockets and continued walking. It was warm night, and a clear night with the stars shining as brightly as they could in the dark sky. There was a warm breeze that passed Demetri every few seconds, sending overwhelming scents of people and blood, but he ignored it.

    As he walked, he became emmursed in his own world, and hadn't noticed someone following him, purposefully. He also hadn't noticed that this person had been following pretty much since he had arrived down the street, which had been almost an hour ago.

    Demetri continued walking, completely unaware of the fact that he, the usual stalker of the night, was now being stalked.


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