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    Ninette Fontaine
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    Sixth Year Prefect

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    Post by Ninette Fontaine on Fri Dec 14, 2012 12:22 am

    Magic was a wonderful thing. A life without it was one that Ninette had never known, and was not likely to ever be interested in doing so. It was not just her snobbish nature - thought there was a factor of that too - but it was simply part of who she was. If she did not have magic, she would feel like something was missing, that something wasn't right.

    She just wouldn't be Ninette Michelle Fontaine any more. She'd be someone else entirely.

    Maybe that person would be better than the one she was now.

    The waves lapped across her bare feet as the breeze tugged at her white skirt. She looked almost innocent, sweet there on that beach miles away from anyone she knew.

    That was what magic had done for her - apparated her away from the world that she knew, and in that anonymity she had transformed into something else.

    Oh sure behind the face and the light sweetheart clothes she was still the same old Ninette, bitter and as lethal as they come should you cross her. But without the constant reminder, without the people around to bring out her mask, the girl could relax in a way that she never had before.

    She didn't feel the need to protect herself.

    Because there was no one there to see her.


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