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    never too old.

    Lucelia Valentine

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    never too old.

    Post by Lucelia Valentine on Mon Dec 24, 2012 5:20 pm

    Despite being almost seventeen, Lucelia could still get excited over the smallest of things. One of these, for example, was sweet shops. There was never a particular reason why, but whenever Lucy walked past this place, she got giggly like a seven year old and was always tempted to go inside. Never until now had she actually done so.

    The first step into the shop made her eyes widen and her lips curl up into a grin wide enough to turn anyone's day bright. Well, probably, anyway. She stood against the window for a minute and tried to take it in. Everything she'd seen from the outside was right in front of her.

    There wasn't a way for Lucelia to even get out the words. She was giggling slightly as her heels clacked against the floor, her dress hanging loosely above her knees. "Welcome back, childhood," she said quietly.
    Annaelle Stolarz

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    Re: never too old.

    Post by Annaelle Stolarz on Mon Dec 24, 2012 8:35 pm

    "You can say that again," Annaelle replied to the words said by the girl next to her. She'd been in France for a day, and would leave the next morning, for the UK. It was, overall, the most boring day ever. Even worst than her time in Ukraine. Her parents had needed to pick up some papers with their lawyers, something concerning her new brother they wanted so desperately to find, and she was stuck going from one agency to the other, with no time to look around and actually enjoy France.

    Plus, there was the fact that she had already found her brother, and they were starting the investigation, which meant she had a little less time to kill him than she'd planned. All that was starting to stress her out, and it clearly showed - which was why her parents let her have some time alone to walk around the streets near their hotel.

    The shop had instantly caught her eye and filled her head with memories of years before, when Nataliya actually acted like an older sister and she didn't resent her as much. She'd taught her how to make apfelstrudel, after all.


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