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    When Forever Ends

    Veronika Erinaya
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    When Forever Ends

    Post by Veronika Erinaya on Wed Dec 26, 2012 1:29 am

    Sometime past midnight
    Dark Back Street
    Somewhere in Moscow

    Veronika was in shock. She just wouldn't, couldn't, believe what had happened.

    Her mother was dead.

    Letting out a muffled cry, the girl dropped to the street, choking back sobs, with a fist stuffed to her mouth. It had happened so fast, so soon. She had been talking, just talking to Veronika, when suddenly she had gone stiff. Then she had started to shake. Vero had given her the potion for seizures, but it had done nothing, nothing...

    And now her mother was dead.

    The girl let out another choked sob. She had called, screamed, for someone, anyone. She had Flooed to the hospital, but the Head Healer had told her that there was nothing they could do, she was already gone...

    The Slushatel girl smirked darkly, remembering the feel of his nose beneath her fist as it broke. She could have done so much wor, but she had turned and run away. Away from the bleeding Healer, away from the hospital, away from her dead mother...

    She supposed she would probably be in trouble for breaking the Head Healer's nose, but she couldn't seem to be bothered to muster up enough energy to care about that at the moment. She couldn't do anything but sit and cry, like a good for nothing princess...

    The sound of raucous laughter made her glance up, though her head didn't move. Her eyes scanned the alley through her lashes, spotting some obviously drunk men stumbling toward her. The one in the lead spotted her and called out to his friends. Turning his attention to her, he slurred out, "Hey pretty thing, what's a girl like you doing out so late?" He reached out, as though to grab her arm.

    "Don't touch me," she said, low, but plenty loud enough to hear. He laughed and grabbed her anyway. Her head whipped up, and the pure venom that exuded from her gaze caused him to start, though not to let go.

    "I said!" she growled, surging to her feet. "Don't. TOUCH. Me!"

    Five minutes later, he and his two friends were out cold on the street and Veronika was back to sitting against the wall. Closing her eyes, she let her head rest against the brick wall behind her and sighed. That hadn't made her feel any better. Hearing approaching footsteps, she called out quietly, without opening her eyes, "You better not be looking for a fight. As you can see, I'm quite capable of defending myself.


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