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    At Three Cuils

    Faye Beneparte
    Fourth Year
    Fourth Year

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    At Three Cuils

    Post by Faye Beneparte on Wed Dec 26, 2012 1:38 am

    Blinking out the window, she let out a soft dissatisfied noise. Faye was listless and she had no idea why. Sitting on the window ledge usually made her feel better, but even that wasn't working this time. Running a hand through her hair, she let out a sigh and got up wandering over to the kitchen, staring in cupboards before giving up on that too. She didn't have the apatite to eat when she was bored.

    Returning to the sitting room, she let out a defeated sigh and flopped on the couch. Slouching lazily for only a moment before straightening and curling her feet underneath her. She made her already small frame even smaller as she grabbed a book off the table, skimming the words over without actually seeing them.

    If something was wrong, not even Faye could pinpoint what it was, and that was making her even more frustrated.

    "I give up."


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