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    You Found Me

    Bonnie Clyde
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    Beauxbatons Professor

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    You Found Me

    Post by Bonnie Clyde on Thu Dec 27, 2012 4:53 am

    Long after Dusk

    The gardens were even more magnificent than she had thought.

    The air was alight with paper lanterns and enchanted looking lights. The night felt magical, even though there was no magic involved. Tonight would be the night. She was done with hiding, done with running. She'd face everything tonight, and she'd come out on top. That's just how it would happen. She knew it.

    Her hands were contained in white elbow length gloves, which only slightly kept her from taking things from every passerby, and there were many of them. The park was alive with the thrum of a summer party, by invite only (his had been expertly forged and sent with a note that read simply 'dress nice', along with the hastily added 'wear a mask'), masks adorning each guest's face. She was not concerned about remaining anonymous. If he could find her no matter her face, she doubted that a lacy black mask that hid nothing but her nose and the skin about her eyes would deter him. Or, perhaps it would. That would be an interesting Kryptonite.

    Blue gray eyes flashed from behind her mask, even as she moved elegantly about the party. Her figure was accented by an extravagant navy blue evening gown, pale shoulders and golden blond glowing in the light. Her hair was pulled up away from her face by a pin in the shape of a navy blue rose, with a single wavy strand curving down to frame her face. Beneath the dress her feet were bare, the heels she'd used so effectively while bargaining with her newest employer deemed useless at the actual party. They were stashed underneath a table somewhere, hidden by the table cloth.

    Now, all she needed to do was find the man she came here to meet, speak to him, and make things right. In her mind, it made perfect sense, and seemed to be the best course of action. However, she had the itching suspicion it wouldn't go as smoothly as she planned it out, especially since she had banked on him not showing up at all and had decided not to plan anything.

    All things considered, this was probably the worse plan she had ever come up with. Honestly, it was as if she was doing it all just to see him again, and that surely didn't make a lick of sense.

    Sighing, Bonnie weaved her way through the crowd, deciding at last to not bother with searching the partygoers any longer. The snack table was much more inviting then the people who would ask prodding questions in order to find her identity. Thus was the game played at masquerades. Besides, He was the hunter, after all, and if he wanted to find her, he would. He always did.

    And Bonnie Clyde wanted desperately to be found.


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