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    The first french kiss

    Destini Chandler
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    The first french kiss

    Post by Destini Chandler on Fri Dec 28, 2012 8:57 pm

    "JULIAN!" Destini shrieked, as she chased him through the hallways. It was a sunday and everybody was trying to get some last minutes sunshine before the school week began. Julian looked over his shoulder and gave her a grin. Destini growled and put more effort into trying to catch him.

    How had Julian got into-

    Dang it. Destini stopped and looked around. He was around somewhere- he had disappeared somewhere when she ducked to avoid a flying object. Dust wasn't sure why there was a flying object in Beauxbatons, but magic caused some weird stuff.

    "Looking for these?" Destini turned around and saw Julian holding her wand in one hand-he had pick pocketed it- and one of her bras in another. Which he had got from her dorm room.

    Again, how had he got into there!?

    "Give.them.back," Destini demanded, lunging forward. He stepped to the side, and Destini almost ran into the wall. Quickly turning around, he stood there. Just mocking her. Destini was going to hex his balls off when she got her wand back.

    "You know... I would give these back, on two conditions." Julian gave her a smirk that made her heart flutter a bit, then leaned against the wall. Destini knew that trying to get them back wasn't going to work out well unless she did what he wanted. And whatever he wanted wasn't going to be fun.


    She took small steps forward with her arms up in surrender. Julian moved away, but Destini hurriedly told him, "I will do what you say. I can't get them from you anyways- your too fast and strong." Julain gave her a grin, and relaxed a little. Boys. Complimenting them always distracted them.

    "I am pretty strong and fast," He told her, with an raised eyebrow. "About time that you figured that out." She rolled her eyes and stopped right in front of him. He tensed up a little, but started to relax again when Destini behaved while tapping her foot.

    "Your kind of sexy when you give me that look," Julian told her with that smile he saved for girls he was flirting with. Destini pretended that his comment didn't make her happy and giggly. "Stop trying to distract me Julian." She rolled her eyes again, and sighed. "Now what do you want me to do?" She took a tiny step forward, not enough for him to realize it.

    "I want you go around all day tomorrow, with a t-shirt that says 'Rousseau is king'," Julian started, enjoying himself. Destini stared at him, with her mouth open, forgetting her plan for a second. "And I want you to sing 'I'm sexy and you know it' at dinner tomorrow."

    Destini was defiantly hexing his balls after this.

    "Or how about I just do this," Dest suggested, before leaning forward and pressing her lips against his. His lips didn't move for a second, but quickly responded. Destini didn't immediately grab the two items, knowing that he was suspecting it. But when he started thinking that she wasn't tricking him, he grabbed her waist in a tight grip and pulled her closer to him- or at least, the best he could with the objects in his hands.

    Destini would never admit that she was enjoying the kiss.

    Now she couldn't get away easily with that grip of his. Knowing it will have to wait until they needed air, she tangled her fingers into his hair. It was Destini's first french kiss and she knew that she was doing a sloppy job, but Julian didn't seem to mind. He turned them around and pressed her against the wall. Yep, he defiantly wasn't going to let her go. Her plan wasn't working out too well.

    At least she got her first french kiss out of it.

    When they both came up for air, his grip loosened and he stared at her as if she was some new discovery. Destini waited for his hands to fall of her hips. And just when he did, Destini grabbed them and ran for her life.

    Her laughing filled the air as Julian finally registered what just happened but she was too far away by the time he finally did.

    This is what happens when you underestimate me Julian.


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