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    Night is still young

    Artemis Capulet
    Head of Vallée
    Head of Vallée

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    Night is still young

    Post by Artemis Capulet on Thu Jan 03, 2013 4:38 pm

    Artemis had just walked into the club. He was so tired of his life right now. All of his family had just left him and his love life wasn't any better. After his two little heart breaks he wasn't himself anymore. Part of him died with Phillie killed herself. And when Chan had left him he just wanted to give up even more. That it why he would come here to drink his life away. He was still teaching at Beauxbatons and was even head of house. But that was starting to not matter anymore. He was getting older and he was watching his life go away.

    He then order a firewhisky and decided to watch people as they walked into the club.


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