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    up, up in the air

    Anais Emerson
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    up, up in the air

    Post by Anais Emerson on Sun Jan 13, 2013 8:14 am

    With money to spare and the important things already bought and ready, Anais wandered over to Ivanovich's. She'd never been there but the soon-to-be first year had heard plenty of stories from her older, and estranged, brother. It's not like they hated each other, but the age gap was something that couldn't be fixed between Niko and her. He'd always see her as a child. Besides, it was Mags, her older sister whom hated her, for whatever the reason that might be.

    "Well hurry up," Maddox, Mags twin brother, ushered to his younger sister, "Don't want the horrible reminder that it's only the holidays and that we'll be back in school in no time."

    "Shut up," Anais rolled her eyes. It was a gesture she was using frequently despite the fact that her mother hated it. Walking towards the acidic candy section, Anais pouted as she saw the limited amount of candy that was available. Quickly grabbing some of the limited amount, went on her way to look for her brother. Realizing that he was speaking to a girl his age and seemed to be flirting with her, Anais thought best to stay away until he was ready to go. She payed for the candy then.

    "Well then," she huffed as she turned to the back of the room that had a small couch, she assumed it was for people who decided to eat candy there. Taking a seat, she opened a book she had taken out of her bag and mumbled some colourful words about her brother as she read.

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    Scarlett Moore
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    Re: up, up in the air

    Post by Scarlett Moore on Mon Jan 14, 2013 12:01 am

    Scarlett had practically begged her parents to let her go. It was almost the end of the summer and she had heard so many great and cool things about Russia, that she had been dying to go for years. Finally, after days of convincing, her mother and father had finally agreed to take her to get some cool things for her next year at school.

    When they arrived by apparition, Scarlett had been granted free roaming of the Port, as long as she didn't get into trouble. The young Ravenclaw snorted at the idea of her getting into trouble. Not that she never got into a mess, but it was highly unlikely that she would have.

    After purchasing some cool new things for her new school year, Scarlett had taken the last hour or so that she had left in spending here in Russia and decided to go hunting for a sweet shop. Finally after a few minutes of roaming around she finally found one. Not that she knew Russian, but she could see through the window all sorts of sweets inside.

    Skipping towards the door, and then strolling inside, she smiled as she looked around the shop. It was pretty cool, if she said so herself, so that prompted her to stay and look around. As she looked around, not only at the sweets but at the people too. She wandered around and at one point passed a mirror. But...it wasn't a mirror. It couldn't have been, if it was, then her reflection would be standing up not sitting down on the couch.

    Frowning, then turning back around and walking over to the girl on the couch, she stared at her. She looked exactly like Scarlett, though maybe a bit younger by about a year. Tilting her head to the side, she continued to stare at the girl until she looked up at her from her book.


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