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    The Island Role Play



    The Island Role Play

    Post by Island on Mon Jan 21, 2013 11:00 pm

    Long ago in an unknown time, there was once a town located in the middle of the sea. It wasn't well known yet it wasn't forgotten either. So when that island town was cut off from the bigger world well panic started to rise. No one in the village was sure why they were locked off but for their live's sake they banded together and helped each other out in the next following days.

    It seemed that a secret organization had chosen the quaint little island town as their new location for an experiment as well as the town folks as live guinea pigs. Over the passing years it had became a place of mysterious beings that were once human yet not now. There is no known cure and the scientists have deemed it a success.

    Now in the year 2013, they use it to exile people either willing or not to see if they adapt to this new change. To the mysterious beings in this changed island;

    will you survive, be changed or die?


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