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    I shoudl really have my own away thread

    Destini Chandler
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    I shoudl really have my own away thread

    Post by Destini Chandler on Thu Jan 24, 2013 11:44 pm

    Sooooo.... I have no idea when I will start posting again. I have two classes that I need to work hard in to pass, my math teacher likes to give us homework that takes me an hour to do (at least), I have Taekwondo and Guitar Practice.

    Oh, and with all these things to do, my muse took a vacation.

    I will start posting again actively when I am not as busy, and I actually have muse. I will pop in the CB occasionally, not much though.


    Destini Chandler
    Kaitlen Grayson
    Dylan Veer
    Abigail Rose
    Antoni Brown

    .... I really can't remember the rest of my charries.

    I have like... ten.

    And I can't remember them v.v

    LOVE Y'ALL Smile


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