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    It's Nice to Meet You

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    Re: It's Nice to Meet You

    Post by Rozzie on Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:44 pm

    Eleazar was no therapist, but he could listen and give his own advice from being in a same situation. He is a good listener, well he had to be because of his position, his job. He is also a fantatsic speaker and get through any discussions and debates.

    He felt like the light switch had been turned on in his head for a first in a very long time. He blinked a couple of times, his dark brown, almost black eyes looking at the woman near him.

    "No need to thank me Mizz Elizabeth," Me murmered, tilting his head. "Your a very inzpiring perzon, you have been through alot, I can tell." He said with a full on smile, kissing her hand again.


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    Re: It's Nice to Meet You

    Post by Elizabeth Foster on Mon Jan 28, 2013 10:02 pm

    Elizabeth's stomach was full of butterflies, she found she was rather...attracted to Eleazar, even after meeting him just barely an hour or so ago. Not only did she like him, she was comfortable around him, which was rare for her.

    "Well thank you anyways." she said with a small smile. She wasn't sure what to say then. She just felt happy, and appreciative of Eleazar's words. They comforted her, made her feel good about herself.

    "Well, I-I...thank you." she stuttered, and then blushed again, remembering him mention her stutter earlier.

    "If I am to be honest, I think you're pretty inspiring as well. Even after your mother passed you still continued to do what you loved and you didn't give up." she told him with a smile, looking into his eyes. "I think you're a wonderful man, Eleazar. Deputy Minister or not." she added with a light laugh.


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