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    mistake and mistook

    Savannah Lerran
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    mistake and mistook

    Post by Savannah Lerran on Wed Jan 30, 2013 6:06 pm

    Warner Brother's World
    (Like Disney but with Bugs Bunny walking around Razz)

    Savannah pranced down the street, her Muggle camera practically attached to her hands. Every three seconds, there'd be the click of her finger pressing down on the little button.

    It was nice here. Strange to be so far from home, but it was nice. Clapping her hands, her camera falling but supported by the necklace of sorts around her neck, she sped up, practically flying down the street. She could've sworn that she'd just seen Bugs Bunny.

    Turning around the corner, the first thing she proceeded to do was crash into an inconveniently placed garbage can. Righting herself before she fell into the mess that had spilled out, she stared blankly at the felled garbage can.



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