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    Running Away From This Nightmare *CLOSED*

    Edward Raquin
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    Running Away From This Nightmare *CLOSED*

    Post by Edward Raquin on Wed Jan 30, 2013 10:54 pm

    Raquin Household

    Edward sat at his desk, flipping through pictures of the different Dragons he had collected over the years. Though his eyes were focused on the moving photographs, his mind was focused on the sounds of his parent's arguing again. God was he sick of it.

    It seemed that ever since his mother found out about his father's affair with that woman from that place that he couldn't remember, his parents seemed to find a reason to argue and his mother would always bring up the subject of the affair.

    They could be arguing about mud being tracked into the house and his Danielle would find a reason to bring it up. Edward was never really in the room when they argued, most times he would be in his room or out and about during the day, and wouldn't come out until they were asleep.

    He knew that if they saw him, they would freak over his hair job. His hair, usually dark brown was now highlighted blonde. Mr and Mrs Raquin hated the idea of Edward colouring his hair, but he did it anyways.

    As the voices grew louder and angrier than before, Edward slammed his hands on his desk, slammed the book of photographs shut and slowly, but angrily, made his way downstairs. He planned to confront them, finally, not caring if they noticed his hair, or his new look, or even his attitude. He wanted the fighting to stop, and at this point, he figured he had to do something.

    Quietly creeping down the stairs he headed in the general direction of his dad's office where he heard their loud and obnoxious voices coming from. He walked up to the door and was about to knock and enter, but then he heard them talking about something that made him stop in his tracks.

    "Well maybe we should, then!" he heard his father, Nicolas shout. "Then you get to explain to our son why! It's your bloody fault this is happening in the first place!" his mother countered, raising her voice just as loud. Edward wasn't sure exactly what they were talking about, but he had an idea, and he didn't like it.

    "Go on! Go upstairs now and tell him why his parents are getting a divorce!" Edward froze in his spot, unsure of what to do now that his suspicions were confirmed. He heard footsteps cross the room and then the sound of the door knob turning and suddenly, as the door swung open, he came face to face with his father.

    Edward and his dad were almost the same height, Edward being slightly taller, but even with the advantage of being taller, Edward suddenly felt small and helpless even. He heard his mother gasp, and saw her place her hands over her mouth as she looked him over from head to toe.

    He avoided her gaze and looked at his father, who didn't gasp or place his hands on his face in shock, instead he stood there, eyes watching his son, sadness and anger in his eyes. "Hello Edward." he said his mouth twitching slightly.

    "Edward, what happened to you? Your hair, your clothes..." Danielle said, her voice and her hands shaking as she walked towards her son. Edward frowned at her and moved away from her outstretched hands. "Why did you colour your hair?" Nicolas asked, anger clear in his tone. "And your clothes, what happened to them?"

    Looking down at the floor, Edward began to kick at the tiles as he stuffed his hands in his pockets. "Look at me when I'm talking to you!" Nicolas shouted, grabbing his son's chin and forcing him to look into his eyes.

    "Answer me boy! Why would you do something like this behind our backs!?" he yelled. Slapping his father's hand away, Edward turned and made his way back to his room, when he felt a hand grip his wrist. "Don't walk away, you disobedient brat!" Edward felt a sharp pain in his arm as his father pulled on it and twisted it.

    Fighting back tears, Edward looked into his father's glaring eyes and glared back with an equal amount of anger. "You don't get to be angry with me!" he shouted.

    "I'm not the one who cheated on my wife, I'm not the one who ignored his own son for the past five months! And I'm not the one who is suddenly throwing the news of divorce on his only child!" Edward yelled, his chest heaving as he took shuddering breaths, tears rolling down his face now.

    Nicolas stared at his son, seeing hurt in his face and his eyes, he released his arm, and backed up a few feet. Behind him, Danielle was crying, obviously because she realized that it was her, and her husband that brought Edward to tears, that brought him to change his attitude and appearance.

    "Luckily for you, because of your relentless fighting, I've managed to become more independent. I'm no longer your spoilt brat," he spat. "I am now a strong, independent man and no longer your son."

    With that, Edward ran back to his room, locked the door and pulled out one of his duffle bags. Pulling out his wand, he casted an undectable extension charm on his bad and began to fold his clothes before placing them into the bag. It took him a while to finally fold and pack all of his clothes, before he moved on to important artifacts and books.

    All the while, as he packed, there were tears streaming down his face. He was unhappy and upset and had no intentions of staying here anymore. Finally, he had packed everything he thought he needed, before he pulled out his secret stash of money. He had galleons upon galleons saved at the top of his closet, so pulling the box down, he carefully placed inside his bag, before tying it up.

    He could hear his parents arguing about him downstairs, and as soon as he heard footsteps running up across the floor and up the stairs to his room, Edward walked over to his window, pulled it open and jumped down.

    It was a soft landing, so he was able to get up, and run as fast as he could away from his house. "Finally," he muttered. "I did it. I ran away."


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