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    The Silence

    Vera Parker

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    The Silence

    Post by Vera Parker on Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:10 pm

    The silence in the room was actually surprisingly unnerving. Under normal circumstances, Vera wasn't exactly frightened of the silence - it was true that she was usual doing her best kill all silence, but she never thought of it as an active thing - she merely wasn't a quiet person.

    Vera had never thought she might have been frightened by silence until now. The area was musty and heavy with paper, dust and the past. It wasn't exactly forgotten - many people were in and out of it looking for files, but at this time of day, just at the cusp of the end - most people were at home already or going to head that way anyway everyone else had gotten what they needed done for the evening.

    Vera simply liked to procrastinate.

    One hand ruffling through the cabinet looking for the folder she needed, so she could return what she had taken earlier that morning, the other hand rested a top of her stomach fingers softly caressing as she began to hum softly. She was fighting off the silence.

    That didn't mean her heightened hearing didn't hear the footsteps that were approaching.



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