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    I Got Lost. So Sue Me.

    Vera Parker

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    I Got Lost. So Sue Me.

    Post by Vera Parker on Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:18 pm

    Vera was going to blame it on being pregnant. That definitely had to be it. She wouldn't normally have gotten into this situation - she was good at these things. She wouldn't get lost. Not in her own place of employment (even if she was just a lowly secretary who got the job because her fiancé begged).

    It definitely had to be because she was pregnant. It could do things like that, right? If anybody asked it was definitely what she was going to be saying - no one was ever going to get anything else out of her.

    The floor seemed deserted for the moment; empty and if not forgotten perhaps slightly neglected. Vera couldn't actually remember how she head ended up there, thus her problems with getting back. She supposed she could ask, but that seemed horrible embarrassing. And besides, there was no one around to ask anyway.

    Her feet were starting to hurt, and she was getting far less amused with this situation as it continued to go on. Letting out a huff, she was about to just plop down on the floor where she was and await for someone to arrive when she heard a chorus of voices down that corridor. Frowning with curiosity, her eyes narrowed and she began to walk in that direction.




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