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    let's burn this sucker down

    Savannah Lerran
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    let's burn this sucker down

    Post by Savannah Lerran on Tue Feb 05, 2013 2:28 am

    Savannah lay in wait in the bushes, her trusty red backpack in hand. She frowned up at the building in front of her, taking sharp breaths through her nostrils.

    She was only here because she'd heard that this place - this crummy establishment - was somehow selling more than Hogsmeade. How was that even possible? It was Hogsmeade, the most famous wizarding candy store of all time.

    This shouldn't be happening and she was going to make it stop.

    Nodding once to herself, she sat up on her knees, rifling through her backpack. Pulling out one of the spheres, she tossed one up in the air and then caught it again, grinning brightly.

    Oh, this was going to be worth it.

    As the last person exited the building, she watched all the lights slowly flicker off. She didn't want anyone to get hurt by her actions. She just wanted them to stop selling candy.

    Was that such a selfish thing?

    Yes, actually.

    "Shut up," she hissed, shaking her head as if that would change anything. If it had, Merlin, he would've shut up so long ago. Her grip on the item - it wasn't a bomb, not really. It was more of a dungbomb, just rigged to explode and cause pretty little flames to erupt instead of a terrible smell - tightened.

    Checking one last time to make sure no one else was around, she stood up, cloaked by the darkness of the night. Winding up, she concentrated, chewing absentmindedly on her bottom lip as she threw it.

    The bomb whipped through the air before smashing through one of the windows and landing inside the candy store. For a moment - for one brief moment - there was silence. Both around the girl, and inside her head.

    She grinned, enthralled by the wonders of just the quietness.

    It was the fire she noticed first. The beautiful licks of flame, racing up from the floor to eat at the shelves and all the merchandise. And then there was the smoke, that musty smell as it all burned to a crisp. The crackle of fire was almost comforting, and a part of her would've neared it, but the oppressing heat made her quickly rethink that.

    So instead, she stared at her masterpiece, the flames reflecting in her blue eyes, before she grabbed her bag and ran.

    She had a mysterious fire to report.


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