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    There's Gone For Good and There's Good and Gone... [closed]

    Casey Donohoe
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    There's Gone For Good and There's Good and Gone... [closed]

    Post by Casey Donohoe on Thu Feb 07, 2013 12:20 am

    BFE, Ireland

    Casey barely looked around her at the beautiful Irish countryside. She had a leather pack on her back with a few changes of clothes, some food, a few maps, and other odds and ends she thought she might need. After James left her (which she could understand now, even if she couldn't then- people grew apart, after all), she had made the decision to search for her sister. It was rash, it was spontaneous, and it was totally unplanned, but she didn't care. She just wanted to leave eveything behind her.

    After leaving a note on her parents' table, telling them she was sorry, but she had to go, Casey dressed in black jeans, a black t shirt, and a black leather jacket. It was cliché maybe, but she didn't care. It felt right to her. She'd also strapped a hunting knife to her thigh and practiced nights throwing it. She was debating finding a way to steal a Muggle gun, but right now she was just doing what she could to survive.

    Casey turned into the sunrise and smiled a small smile, feeling the fresh wind blow across her face. A new day, with a new beginning. She took it gladly, walking away into the last place she'd known her sister to be.


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