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    To Life

    Bethany Byrne

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    To Life

    Post by Bethany Byrne on Fri Feb 08, 2013 4:27 am

    Bethany shakily stepped up on the table, her heels wobbling dangerously on the creaking wood. She raised her glass in the air, which reflected the pulsing colored lights ricocheting off the walls of the club. "L'CHEIM, BITCHES!!!" A large group of people watching her raised their drinks along with her with a drunken cheer. She downed everything in the tiny glass, and grabbed another out of the hand of some guy below her, and drained that one, too.

    She let out another cheer, in doing so causing her heel to slip on the table damp with spilled beer. She barely had time to let out a stifled shout before her head hit the floor with a loud crunching sound. "Oh, crap..." The edges of her vision turned black, and closed in on the million pairs of shoes that were completely ignoring her motionless body and her moans of pain.

    When the woman finally regained consciousness, the first thing she noticed was an overwhelming pain in her head. First, the dull, continuous thud that was an unmistakeable hangover, then the hot, sticky pain at the back of her head, which really scared her. As carefully as she tried to touch it, it still stung like hell. Looking down at the floor, she noticed a small stain of blood against the overturned table which served as her pillow. "At least I'm not dead...."


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