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    Beautiful Illusions

    Roxanna Lyric
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    Fourth Year

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    Beautiful Illusions

    Post by Roxanna Lyric on Sat Feb 09, 2013 2:27 pm

    The gardens in the hottest heat wave yet in Scotland was quite nice for a change. Roxanna was visiting her Aunt Edmée, who was alot better since the last time she saw her. She was finally coping with her twin sisters loss, Roxanna's mother. She walked through the gardens, hoping to gain a tan and not burn wth her pale skin on show.

    She went through lane's of blue bells, fruit bushes, lilies, the pond which had koy within the water, whch shimmered in the sun light. There was lots of plants that shouldn't be able to grow here, but after all, magic helped that fact.

    Her eyes though spotted some looking sorry red roses. She waled over and knelt down. Her hands cupped one of them, which looked like someone was maintaining this rose bush. her eyes twinkled as her started to use her gift.

    The illusioned them to be full of life and a shining purple colour. They looked a hell of a lot better.


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