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    Charlotte Reynolds



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    Charlotte Reynolds

    Post by Charlotte_Reynolds on Sun Feb 10, 2013 5:07 am


    Live every day as if it was your last

    Name: Charlotte Reynolds
    Nickname: Charlie
    Date of Birth: March 17th
    Birthplace: London, England
    Current Home: London, England
    Blood Purity: Halfblood
    Gender: Female
    Sexual alignment: Heterosexual
    Job: Dad’s cafe over summers

    Face Claim: Lucy Hale
    Body type: Petite, Toned
    Height: 5’5
    Hair: Deep chocolate brown, loose curls, falls to about mid-back
    Eyes: Hazel
    Unique features: 3 inch scar of left wrist from a burn she acquired when pulling scones out of the oven. Ears are also pierced.
    Dressing style: Outfits tend to vary on her day and mood. Charlie’s style tends to be casual chic, with a hint of a preppy style. Her usual weekend wear for simply lounging around consists of a pair of skinny jeans, boots, and an oversized cardigan or sweater.

    Likes: Literature, Music, Photography, Writing, and Dancing
    Dislikes: Laziness, Her mother, Trash-talkers, Snakes, and Blood
    Fears: Being alone, Snakes, and Her father being hurt.
    Strengths: Loyalty, School, Quick-witted, and Writing
    Weaknesses: History of Magic, Listening to Gossip, Too trusting, and A pushover
    Personality: Most people who meet Charlie would immediately describe her as being friendly and extremely kind. She always has a smile on her face and never turns anyone away, regardless of their background. With strangers, she is polite;however, she is not going to immediately open up to them and become their best friend. Charlie needs to spend some time getting to know the person before she can honestly call them her friend. Those who have known her for some time know that Charlie can have quite the sarcastic personality and can be very quick-witted. She stands up for her friends and helps them without hesitation.

    When it comes to her studies, nothing can truly stand in Charlie’s way. She is very detailed orientated and a bit of a perfectionist. School has always been something that she has excelled at, both in the Muggle world and the magical world. While she is studying, Charlie prefers to be alone where she can remain completely focused on the task at hand while listening to a bit of classical music. However, if someone, let’s say a younger student, asked for some help, she would gladly set aside her work and tutor them in whatever she needed. Charlie grew up as an only child, so anytime she can be with and help someone out, she is more than willing.

    Outside of school, Charlie is quite soft-spoken. Some people would call her an introvert because she does not have very many friends. However, she would prefer to have a few very close friends rather than a lot of acquaintances. Much of her free time is either spent reading something other than her textbooks or writing. If she has music available and the space to work, Charlie does enjoy dancing. As a child in the Muggle world, she partook in ballet lessons. Later on, as she grew older, she learned to enjoy the styles of jazz and a bit of contemporary and some minor hip hop. Dancing is one of the few connections she has with her mother as she left her father when Charlie was only fiver years of age.

    Father: Full name: John Reynolds/Age (or age they died at): 45/Occupation: Cafe/bookstore owner / /Status(living or deceased):Living
    Mother: Full name: Jennifer McBride/Age(or age they died at):43 /Occupation: Unknown /Status(living or deceased): Living
    Siblings: No siblings
    Other significant people: Grandmother: Full name: JoAnn Reynolds/Age(or age they died at):75 /Occupation: Retired /Status(living or deceased): Living
    Grandfather: Full name: William Reynolds/Age(or age they died at):77 /Occupation: Retired /Status(living or deceased): Living
    Aunt: Full name: Sarah Reynolds/Age(or age they died at):50 /Occupation: Nurse /Status(living or deceased): Living
    Uncle: Full name: Brian Reynolds/Age(or age they died at):51 /Occupation: Lawyer /Status(living or deceased): Living
    Cousin: Full name: Rebecca Reynolds/Age(or age they died at):20 /Occupation: Student /Status(living or deceased): Living Cousin: Full name: Ryan Reynolds/Age(or age they died at):18 /Occupation: Student /Status(living or deceased): Living

    Pets: Name: Berry/Age(or age they died at): 3/Species: Owl/Status(living or deceased):Living
    Overall history: Charlotte Reynolds was born to, at that time, Jennifer and John Reynolds. For the first five years of Charlie’s life, everything was picture perfect, a fairytale story. Jennifer was currently a stay at home mom and witch while John had taken over his parent’s cafe that they had started up and was quite popular in the city of London. Most of their days were spent living just like Muggles. Quickly, especially while raising a daughter who had yet to show any signs of magic, Jennifer grew restless and decided the Muggle lifestyle was not for her. When Charlie was five years of age, Jennifer simply declared that she was done with him and this life; she wanted to return to her roots and start anew. She left behind her daughter, a witch, and her husband of seven years.

    It was not long after her mother left that Charlie began to exhibit various signs of magic making things very difficult for John. He relied on his parents a lot for help. He had exposed his parents, Bill and JoAnn, early on on what Charlie was and that they needed to accept her because there was no way he was going to let his little girl grow up alone. Of course they agreed and assisted John in raising a spunky, young girl.

    For the first part of her life, Charlie worked hard to learn to control her magic. She loved living in the area of London she did and everything that had to do with Muggles. She did not want to risk exposing herself or causing her father to move because of what she was. Much of her early childhood was spent living as a Muggle doing everything a typical young Muggle girl would do; she went to school, played with her friends, and played danced. Everything was normal for her. Charlie was able to find a balance of living as both a Muggle and a witch. When she did start to feel that stress, Charlie dove into her school work. It became her escape from reality. It is also how she discovered her love of reading.

    Favourite Spell: Wingardium Leviosa
    Signature Spell: Muffliato
    Patronus: A young moose

    Wand: Unicorn tale, Oak, 13inches
    Other belongings: Around her neck is a white-gold key with a small aquamarine stone, her birthstone, embedded in it - it was a gift from her father.

    Friends: None Yet
    Acquaintances: To be determined
    Enemies: Currently, there are none.

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