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    Axel the Destroyer

    Axel Volkov
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    Axel the Destroyer

    Post by Axel Volkov on Sun Feb 24, 2013 5:30 am

    Axel peered up at the massive shelves of books, his eyes glazing over the foreign, Russian letters. He was finding that he was picking up this new language much more easily than he imagined. Not that it should have come as much of a surprise. After all, he grew up in this part of the world, and so did his father. Come to think of it, he'd probably know French by now, too, if his mother hadn't...

    He turned away from the shelf and switched his attention to a display of quills and ink, trying to pull himself away from thoughts of his mother. He tapped his finger on a quill, not expecting much to happen. With a small squirting sound, the tip of the quill sprayed ink all over Axel's arm, making the young boy jump.

    He looked nervously around the store to see if any customers (or, worse, angry employees) had seen it happen, but there seemed to be no one within sight of him. He quickly began trying to rub away one of the spots of ink, but the thing only grew, smudging his fingers and arm as he did so. He pulled his long sleeve over his hand like a poorly crafted mitten, hoping that the fabric would help to mop up the black goo. It did nothing, and now he was left with a bigger, more destructive mess.

    With a small yelp of frustration, he held his arms out in front of him, trying his best not to move or get anything on the store's carpets.
    Monae Sterling
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    Re: Axel the Destroyer

    Post by Monae Sterling on Mon Feb 25, 2013 12:00 am

    Monae wasn't a big fan of reading, really. She could read when she was told to, or when she needed to. She really didn't seek out a book to amuse herself. Unless it was a book on music of course- melodies and lyrics is her life. Creating a new melody, singing a new pair of lyrics was her definition of fun.

    She wasn't in Berbvato's shop for clothing or a wand. There was a topic that had been introduced her a few weeks ago that she wanted to read about. Monae had been in a store, talking to an Magical Animal caretaker. He specified in breeding magical endangered species. He told her about the negative and positives of his job, and got Monae really interested in it as her possible job in the future.

    Grabbing a book on gentle magical creatures, Monae flipped through the pages, not really interested. She already read a book very similar to this and really didn't offer new information. She put back the back the book, and in the corner of her eye, she got a small figure some ways down of the bookshelves. She figured he had to be a first year- though he didn't go to Durmstrang. He was a cute boy, she knew that in a few years girls would be all over him. There was something about blue eyes and blonde hair that made girls go crazy.

    Monae hid a snort when the quill squired ink at him, and quickly looked at the bookshelves, hiding the fact that she saw the incident. It became harder to push down laughter as his frustration became obvious. Feeling pity towards the boy, she turned around and walked towards him.

    "I really hope that wasn't a new shirt," Monae told him in Russian, a smile showing her amusement. "Your mum or dad might be upset."


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