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    sweet snake venom


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    sweet snake venom

    Post by Manda on Mon Apr 15, 2013 12:28 am

    Picking up a dark chocolate candy bar, Kait felt her mouth water. Chocolate was heaven, and Dark Chocolate was the best kind of chocolate out there. She dropped it in her shopping basket, and added two other bars. Chocolate was her crack.

    Don't you think that's enough chocolate? Lilith hissed from her hiding place in her robe's right sleeve. There is never enough chocolate, Kait hissed back, with a pout. She heard Lilith do a snake version of a snort, then reply, Tell me that when you are complaining of a stomach ache when you ate too much. The Greek scowled but didn't say anything. Merlin, baby Lilith was now a teenage version of a snake with an major attitude.

    Still scowling, she added some dark chocolate drops and then some white chocolate drops (the second best chocolate in the world). Candy was good for you really. Especially since its sugar- the food of the gods.


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