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    Random Weird Convos From RL!

    Riley Skander
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    Fifth Year

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    Random Weird Convos From RL!

    Post by Riley Skander on Sun Feb 26, 2012 6:52 pm

    Because me and my friends have the weirdest/most immature conversations, any and every weird conversation you and your friends have, post here! I'll start...

    Me: Hey, does anyone know why McDonald's doesn't sell hot dogs?
    Allison (my bestie): I dunno, Riley, why?
    Me: Ok, so imagine going to McDonald's...
    Vic (other very innocent bestie): And...
    Me: And trying to order a McWeiner with a straight face.
    Allison: *laughs*
    Vic: Wait, I don't get it...
    Liz (friend): Think about it, Vicky. Think about it...
    Vic: OH! Seriously, Riley?
    Me: And imagine trying to Super Size it.
    Liz: 'Hello, may I please have a Super Size McWeiner?'
    *more laughter from lunch table*


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