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    Post by Ondrea Montgomery on Fri Jun 29, 2012 3:30 am

    Country road
    Night time

    Ondrea lay on the ground, just off the road, staring up into the sky. The full moon was still several nights away, yet, the girl could still feel its approach, a curl of anticipation woven through her as the moon grew fuller and fuller with each passing day.

    "Mother Moon," she murmured, "come quickly." Ondrea could not remember if she had heard the term somewhere before, or if it had simply become natural to think of the celestial body in such a way. Her mother, the being with which her entire existence was inextricably entwined.

    The girl breathed in deeply, only to freeze as scent of another reached her nose. Ondrea rolled over into a crouch, muscles tensed and ready for action, a growl at the back of her throat.


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