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    Hyun-Ki Goh

    Hyun-Ki Goh
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    Hyun-Ki Goh

    Post by Hyun-Ki Goh on Mon Sep 03, 2012 11:04 am

    Hyun-Ki Goh

    "Every flight begins with a fall."

    Name: Hyun-Ki Goh
    Nickname: N/A
    Date of Birth:December Seventh
    Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
    Current Home: Seoul, South Korea
    Blood Purity: Muggleborn
    Gender: Male
    Sexual alignment: Bisexual

    Face Claim: Bin Won
    Body type: Tallish, Slender
    Height: 5'10"
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Black
    Unique features: N/A
    Dressing style: Hyun-Ki normally wears dress clothes, a collared shirt and jacket with black slacks and leather shoes.

    Likes: Green Tea Ice Cream, Fencing, Drawing, Reading, Writing, Chess.
    Dislikes: Arrogance, Ignorant People, Violence, Cruelty, Sour Treats.
    Fears: Small Spaces, Going Insane, Becoming Someone Different.
    Strengths: Photographic Memory, Solving Puzzles, Persuasion.
    Weaknesses: Trust in people, Too helpful at times causing him to not finish his own tasks, Can become obsessed over certain things or people.
    Personality: Hyun-Ki is a very charismatic person. He makes a habit of talking to everyone he usually comes across, preferring to have as many friends as possible. He's a light-hearted person who can joke around, though he does of course have very serious moments. If he ever saw something that he didn't think was right, he would always be the kind to interfere without thinking the odds through. The type that even if he did not particularly like a person, he would stand up for them if he saw someone doing them wrong.

    Hyun-Ki tends to be withdrawn at times when around people, but that is only to observe and analyze certain situations. The gears in his mind are always turning, taking in account every small knick in the wall, or the way that a book is places precisely. It's a habit that he has had since he was a child, and has not been able to rid of it.

    Father: Kang-Dae Goh / 43 / Import Export business / Living
    Mother: Kyung-Hu Goh / 38 / Lawyer / Living
    Siblings: Hyun-Shik Goh / 12 / Deceased

    Overall history: Hyun-Ki had a very good life growing up. A loving father and mother, and a brother who looked up to him. It didn't hurt that they weren't too bad money wise either. His father was an import and export business man. Buying things cheaply while in Korea and selling them more expensively in America, or England. His mother, was a known defense attorney in Seoul. He grew up with the finest education, sent to one of the most notable schools in the country at a young age.

    When he turned ten, is when he first noticed he was different from other children. Things happened whenever he was emotional, the odd exploding light, or fallen object. He had no idea what was happening, but it continued to grow worse. Now, most children learn of who they are at the normal age of eleven, but this didn't happen for him. It wasn't until the age of thirteen that he found out. He and his younger brother were outside at the nearest park playing with one another. They threw a ball around in their spare time usually. Thick as thieves the pair was, and you would hardly ever see them apart.

    On that day, it began to rain and the two decided to go home. His brother held the ball on the way, and Hyun-Ki decided to show him something. He had been able to control his magic somewhat at the time, though not nearly well enough for it to matter. He used magic and plucked the ball from his brother's hands in amazement to him and juggled it around in the air. It was nice finally showing someone what he could do, but it didn't last. They were only a block from their home when he stopped what he was doing before someone saw. The ball fell against his brother's chest but bounced into the street, where his brother ran after. The car came out of nowhere, the amount of rain making it impossible for them to see it. It was too late though, the car had struck his brother. He died that day, though he never told his parents what had really happened, as he still blamed himself.

    Later that month, still grieving over their lost son, his parents found out about his abilities and sent him away. They were not banishing him, only sent him to become trained in what he had. It took time, but eventually their grief faded if only slightly and they focused more on Hyun-Ki. As he grew older, he had several teachers in the magical arts to help him, teach him. It wasn't long before he bought his first wand and taught to use it. He was never in any formal magical school, only the odd teacher here and there. Until finally, he was sent to hogwarts, via a letter request. He was fairly older than was usual, but they accepted him none the less.

    Favourite Spell: Protego
    Signature Spell: Protego
    Patronus: Sea Otter

    Wand: Unicorn Hair, Apple Wood, Unbending, 12 inches.
    Other belongings: Photograph of he and his brother in a locket.


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    Re: Hyun-Ki Goh

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