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    put another x on the calendar

    Juliette Josse

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    put another x on the calendar

    Post by Juliette Josse on Thu Jan 03, 2013 2:59 am

    Running a hand through her hair, the young vampire made her way down the street. Her hand catching on the ring, she pulled her hand away from her dark tresses, staring blankly at the silver piece of jewelry. The latest of a long string of boyfriends had so generously given it to her, claiming that it really was nothing.

    Twirling the metallic band around her middle finger, she ducked her head to further examine it, hiding her face with her deep brown hair. She didn't care what Lucas said. Who gave someone a ring after less than a month of dating? Filthy rich or not, it was an odd thing to do.

    How many girls had there been before her? Was this something he did with every girl? Hand them a glittery ring to mark them as his? She shook her head, taking a deep yet unnecessary breath. She didn't care about his intentions. She didn't care about his personality.

    All she cared about was his money.


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