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    Jenna Heap [WIP]

    Jenna Heap
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    Jenna Heap [WIP]

    Post by Jenna Heap on Wed Jan 30, 2013 5:58 pm

    Jenna Heap 16 Homeosexual France/Beauxbatons Single
    She is very optimistic, talkative and energetic. She loves animals and making people happy because it makes her happy and lively. She loves parties, and can be easily influenced by her friends.

    Jenna really likes people, so she'd be open to being friends with anyone! So she is often in the popular crowd. That doesn't mean, of course, that these are the only people she likes, as said before, she likes everyone.

    Enemies: Of course, it would be hard for Jenna to have enemies, but I can see her having one if they did something really bitchy to her friends though. Whoever said she can't hold a grudge?

    Lovers: Jenna's all for physical love and flings. But if your character needs a crush, I'm all for it. But Jenna probably wouldn't notice your crush. Despite this, she's never been in a real, stable relationship, and deep inside, is desperately longing for one.


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