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    Jayden Hart

    Jayden Hart
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    Sixth Year

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    Jayden Hart

    Post by Jayden Hart on Mon Feb 04, 2013 6:56 pm

    Jayden Hart

    Dance with me.

    Name: Jayden Hart
    Nickname: Jay
    Date of Birth: August 18
    Birthplace: France
    Current Home: France
    Blood Purity: Pure
    Gender: Male
    Sexual alignment: Heterosexual

    Face Claim: Avan Jogia
    Body type: Muscular, Tall
    Height: 6'1"
    Hair: Brown, long (just below chin), wavy.
    Eyes: Dark brown.
    Unique features:
    Dressing style: Jay's style is rather laid back.

    Likes: Girls, his friends, creatures, photography, music, skating.
    Dislikes: Children, pianos, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, classical, and good girls.
    Fears: Jay has an fear of commitment, being alone, and of small places.
    Strengths: Jay is an above average spellcaster. He's good with people, and a great liar.
    Weaknesses: He's selfish, is known not to think before speaking, and is a sucker for revealing clothing.
    Personality: To the public, Jay is an egotistical, self-absorbed person. He seems to believe that he's an absolutely great person, but that not everyone deserves to know him, and therefore surrounds himself with few people. He also has a bit of a temper, but it's not easy to actually get him angry. When confronted, he's more likely to be sarcastic than anything else.

    The real Jayden Hart isn't an easy person to know. He's something of a pathological liar. Though he actively hates lying to his best friends, he does it anyway. He can, on occasion, prove himself to be a great person. Jay is secretly rather terrified that all of his friends are going to pack up and just leave him one day. And he's very prone to jealousy of any person that he thinks is going to make that happen.

    Father: Evan Hart / 35 / CEO / Human / Living
    Mother: Jade Hart / 32 / Housewife / Human / Living
    Other significant people:
    Overall history: Jay was born on a hot Summer day, 18th August. The child of Evan and Jade, they were significantly more busy when Jay was growing up. Instead of being around for him, they showered him with gifts and presents, leading him to be a very spoiled individual from a young age.

    When he began preforming accidental magic, it started small, with him moving objects around. These bursts of magic were waved off as someone misplacing an item, but eventually they became too big to ignore. One day, when Jay was ten years old, his piano instructor wanted him to be able to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Getting more and more annoyed when he couldn't play it perfectly, he set the piano on fire, burning the instructor to death.

    Afterwards, Jay was locked in a rather small room for hours on end by his parents until he promised them that he'd never do that again. But because he couldn't control his magic, he ended up finding himself spending more and more time in that room, at times for hours on end without anything to eat. His father, who'd always been abusive, became much worse after that incident.

    Favourite Spell: Quietus
    Signature Spell: Fidelius
    Patronus: Wolf

    Wand: 12", Cherry tree wood, Unicorn blood
    Other belongings: Family ring

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    Re: Jayden Hart

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