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    Other Jobs - All

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    Other Jobs - All

    Post by Asric Chaos on Sun Oct 30, 2011 12:10 am

    Here is the list of job positions outside of the schools. Only owners are shown for the various shops. If you wish to work in a specific shop as a worker, contact the owner of that shop for permission. If there is no owner, you may feel free to say that you work there.


    Ministry Jobs have their own separate sheet, which can be found HERE.

    St. Mungo's


    Student Healer(s): Patricia Vorstenbach


    Secretarial Staff: Anne Emery

    Furmage Asylum

    Director of Staff:Thadeus Thorpe

    Head Healer: Ninetta Fontaine

    Mediwitch/wizard (2): Augusta Cheers, Cera Laurent

    City of Azorat

    The Blue Pomegranite Owner:

    Dragon Statues 'R' Us Owner:

    Fang's Enchanted Workshop Owner:

    The Golden Thestral Owner: Vladislaus Count

    The Hissing Snake Owner: Destiny Heartman

    Jake's Magical Candy Owner: Alexander Vorstenbach

    Potions and Cauldrons Owner: Aiden Tremlett

    Madame Rose's Tea Shop Owner:

    Diagon Alley

    Eylop's Owl Emporium Owner:

    Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour Owner: Tani(ka) Finwen

    Florish and Blotts Owner: Basil Skydancer

    Leaky Cauldron Owner: Eli Patterson

    Madam Malkins Robes for All Occasions Owner: Cleopatra Smith

    Ollivanders Owner:

    Slug and Jiggers Apothecary Owner:

    Muggle London

    Bite me Owner: Aurmerle Pyrrhos

    Corner Brews Owner:
    [list]Waiter: Daniel Heartford

    The Jug and Bottle Owner:

    Mclaughlin Dental Clinic Owner/Hygienist: Tara Mclauglin
      Pediatric Hygienist Brian Middleton

    Zherdev Alley

    Aptekarʹ Owner:

    Baranovsky's Familiars Owner:

    Grechko's Wands Owner:

    Quill Serebryanyĭ Owner:

    The Situation Owner:

    Zakat Inn and Tavern Owner:

    Muggle Russia

    Dlya Mechty Owner:

    Kofyeĭnya Owner: Alexa Rozalie Thorpe

    Wenlock Rue

    Amoureux Inn Owner:

    La'fleur Owner:

    Taverne de'Nuit Owner:

    Muggle France

    Boulangerie Owner:

    Café Soleil Owner:

    La Bleue Lune Owner:

    Magique Jardin Owner:

    Other Places

    Belle Prairie Owner: Aluura DeSalle

    Honeydukes Owner: Passion Rose

    The Three Broomsticks Owner: Tara Enderson

    Zonko's Joke Shop Owner: Adriana Tyler

    If you would like to apply for one of the job just reply with the following information:

    Job you would like:

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