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    Power List - Beauxbatons

    Sophia Chaos
    Head of Ravenclaw
    Head of Ravenclaw

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    Power List - Beauxbatons

    Post by Sophia Chaos on Mon Sep 10, 2012 11:06 pm



    Adam Jacobs - Sense the future
    Alexander Dawson - Beastspeaker
    Celeste Belrose - Ability to manipulate plants
    Crystal Veretta - Beastspeaker
    Destini Chandler - Can touch objects to see their history
    Laurent Dubois - Breathe underwater
    Sithis Nonomyth - Photographic Memory
    Tobias Count - Misting, Vaporizing, Hypnosis,


    Aluura DeSalle - Visual Projection, Happiness Induction
    Amora Kirke - High Level Telepath
    Basil Skydancer - Beast Speaker, Wandless/Nonverbal Magic
    Scala Del Ray - Wandless/Nonverbal Spellcraft, Dreamwalking, Flight
    Tynan Trudeau - Wandless/Non-Verbal Spellcraft & Arcane Improvisation


    Roul Belanger - Russian Blue cat

    Power you would like to claim:
    Brief description of what your character could do with said power:


    Belle Ballard
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    Fourth Year

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    Re: Power List - Beauxbatons

    Post by Belle Ballard on Fri Nov 02, 2012 8:44 pm

    Name: Belle Ballard
    Power you would like to claim: Can feel whatever she imagines.
    Brief description of what your character could do with said power: For example, if she was cold and imagined a fireplace, she would feel warm. Or if she was really hot, and imagined water, she'd feel cool. Or if she was in pain and imagined something soothing, she would be able to feel that.


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    Re: Power List - Beauxbatons

    Post by Clarkey on Sun Dec 30, 2012 5:27 pm

    Name: Calavier Count
    Power you would like to claim: Empath
    Brief description of what your character could do with said power: He would use it to manipulate his enemies in a fight. And use it to help those who need it.


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    Re: Power List - Beauxbatons

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