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    In a Fishing Town of St. Abbs (OPEN)

    Harrison Lamperouge

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    In a Fishing Town of St. Abbs (OPEN)

    Post by Harrison Lamperouge on Mon Mar 19, 2012 9:56 pm

    Perhaps he had lost count on how long he had been in the larger island of the British Isles but Harrison figured that he had missed quite a lot of things that might have gone on.

    The coastal fishing town of St. Abbs reminded him a bit about the town of Innsmouth out in the States but at least there weren't putrid smells of decaying fish or the strange facial features that the populace of that town possessed. Well, maybe he was grateful of the latter as St. Abbs did have the briny smell of sea animals and fish, although not as revolting.

    'Hmm... if they got any lobster here, I hope it's at the right price.' Harrison thought to himself, thinking about creating a nice special for his bistro to serve. Slowly, he browsed each shop carefully, moving on if he didn't see anything valuable to get.
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    Head of Hitrost

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    Re: In a Fishing Town of St. Abbs (OPEN)

    Post by Rozzers on Thu Mar 22, 2012 7:00 pm

    Alexa remembered when Her father taught her how to fish. It was here infact where he taught her how to fish.

    She had nothing to do anyway. So she got ready to go on her fish hunt.


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