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    Post by Kallie Patterson on Thu Aug 09, 2012 1:24 am


    The dark was her friend.

    In the darkness she knew that she was alone - it was only when the light that streamed through the door of her chamber opened that she knew she had trouble coming. In the darkness she could pretend she was anywhere.

    She could pretend she was anywhere but where she was.


    In the beginning she had tried to fight, to struggle. But she had quickly learned it was useless. With a wand, there had still been too many of them, and these were not foolish people. They had known better than to kidnap the minister of magic while she still possessed a wand. That was of course the first thing they had taken.

    Then - although unwittingly - it had been her strength. No one could truly be their full self on shortened food, however the kidnappers were unaware just how dependant on food the young minister actually was. Luck had it that she was still getting enough - barely but still - to get by. She wasn't in danger yet, but she could feel the weakness seeping through her. The energy it use to take to do things, to lift an arm, or yell out seemed to take more out of her each day.

    Still, she knew one thing was vital - she had to keep that knowledge to herself. She had to keep everything to herself.

    They could take everything from her, but they weren't going to take her. She was going to leave this place.

    One way or another... she was going to leave.

    And they were going to get what's coming to them.

    The monotonous dripping that filled her day, a crack in the wall, or perhaps a pipe, Kallie had never seen the room in its whole, was interrupted by a ruckus behind the door. Her dark gaze lingered in the direction for a moment, before drifting away. It was nothing new - they were fighting over something again. Honestly, they were worse than children.

    The first time she had heard the noise she had let herself hope.


    It was such an awful little feeling. So full of brightness, desire - all the more painful when it was squashed. Kallie knew about false hope, believed that she had destroyed the ability to hope long ago. A realist - that was what she had wanted to be.

    But she still hoped.

    Every day.

    She hoped that someone would come - that somehow this would all end.

    And every day she was still alone. Somehow... even expecting that disappointment made it hurt even more each time.

    Kallie didn't need someone to come rescue her; she didn't need other peoples help - she was use to being alone, fending for herself. But, this...


    Kallie shrunk from it, a thin, marred arm crooking up to block her delicate eyes from it. The light burned - the light was bad.

    The light meant them.

    "And how are we feeling today Minister dear? The owner of this abode, once again, regrettably is unable to visit, but we are just thrilled to take his place. I'm sure everything is to your liking?"

    Eyes slowly adjusting to the brightness, Kallie allowed her blank gaze to drift to the silhouette in the door way, darkness against light, his features never stuck in her face. It did not matter, all the guards blurred into each other. Though something about this one in particular...

    "Not quite," she stated, her voice low, dull, her gaze blank. She was guarded, listening for anything. They had yet to close the door, other voices milled just outside of it. A game, that was what she was to them. Who could antagonize their pet the most. None of them had succeeded much before. None of them except -

    A flash of something in the hall, an odd face that struck something in her caught her attention; a frown crossed her features, the only twitch, expression she had made in hours, or perhaps even days. She cranked her neck to try and see further, and completely missed the change.

    "Perhaps it would be more to your liking if I were to look like this?" The voice hadn't change, her mind slightly foggy - not all events sinking in properly - she didn't suspect anything as she turned her head back towards the guard, only to find someone else standing there instead.

    Her eyes widened, her heart leaping, hope again, rearing its ugly head. It was illogical, it was impossible, but the moment she locked on familiar hazel eyes, and blond hair - how long had it been? A month? No more than that... it was nearing two, since she'd last seen them. She'd almost forgotten what he looked like, what he really looked like - not what her memories said.


    "Or better yet," the being that looked like Eli smirked, a malicious expression, one that had no place on that face so dear to her. It completely shattered the fog in her head. The hope burst like a bubble as the features in front of her changed. More features she recognized, the strong jaw, and big puppy dog eyes, but she didn't fall for it again. The expression behind those eyes were wrong, "How about this face?"

    With a snarl she dove at the imposture, the Metamorphagus only to smash into an invisible barrier, the edge of her box. She fell to the ground with a jolt, as an electric like shock rocked through her, and the small of singed cloth - the shoulder of her blouse that had taken the most of the blow smoking, the skin beneath it tinged pink (a surface burn, nothing compared to the mark of slowly pealing skin that ran along her left arm).

    "Now, now pet," the fake Brock's face leered above her. "You don't want to do that again; remember what happened last time? "

    Kallie continued to glare at him. The marks from where the metal had chafed into skin glowed as both their gazes drifted to them, then back up to each other.

    "It had been for your own protection, Minister. Wouldn't want you to burn yourself to a crisp." He reached out a hand, it sliding it through the unseen barrier with ease.

    Growling, her gaze like venom, she spat at his hand, grinning as it was pulled away, even if her cage kept her assault trapped inside its limits.

    " selkärangaton," she snarled, Finnish rolling harshly off her tongue, " häpeä Have the courage to torment me with your own face, you slimy bastard."

    With a laugh, the familiar features melted away into his original ones. Kallie snarled once, and then slide back to her original corner, not giving the man more than a single glare.

    "Are you done yet? Because I am." She picked up a small stone that had been in her cage before she got there.


    Tossing the stone again, she got a firmer hold of it in her hand, her gaze turning towards the wall, the man behind her never forgotten, but certainly ignored. Slowly she sketched over the letters that were already there, digging a deeper groove.

    K. A.

    She hadn't even gotten halfway through her name before she heard the sound of metal sliding across the floor. So it was dinner time.

    "Night Minister."

    Glancing over she slide the small plate of food towards her... picking at it slowly as the dark descended once more. Once done, she slide it back away from her again, and turned back to the wall. She didn't need the light to see what was there. Her name scratched in bold letters:

    Kallie Anneli Nikkala

    Floating around that was every name she could think of that made her... her...





    Below all that were dashes, little ticks - her passing of days. If one were to count them, there would be well over a month.

    Forty two ticks.

    She reached up her rock, and scratched the wall again.

    Forty three.

    That was how long she had been there. Forty Three days.

    Sighing, she let the rock fall to the ground with a dull thunk. She closed her eyes, trying to fight off the warmth that she felt swimming there. Tears would do her no good. She knew that.

    And yet they still fell.

    " hyvää yötä, Good night Julian," she muttered softly to herself, curling herself into the ground, " hyvää yötä Pentu," she sighed once more, looking at the ring on her finger, shinning slightly in very very dim light, " hyvää yötä Eli."

    Translations: Spineless, Disgrace, and Good Night


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