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    Paloma Poots.

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    Paloma Poots.

    Post by gigi on Wed Aug 29, 2012 9:29 pm

    Paloma Olivia Poots Fifteen Heterosexual Germany/Durmstrang Single
    Paloma is a nice, friendly girl. A little lost, not knowing exactly who she is or what she wants for her life, she often ends up following her parents' every orders. She's very smart, one of the top in her year, and hard-working, but she's getting tired of only studying and studying and studying. Even though she has a slightly low self-esteem, she doesn't let people walk all over her, but she tries her best not to get into fights or arguments.

    Paloma's pretty relaxed when it comes to friends. She's friendly with most people, even if she only has a small group of close friends. She's never had a best friend and, sometimes, that annoys her, especially when she sees all her friends with their best friends. She wishes she had someone to count on at all times, someone she could share all her secrets with, someone to be like a sister to her, and it frustrates her at times that she can't find that person anywhere. Her best friend would probably be someone who's not completely like her. Someone more outgoing, more carefree, someone who could make her have fun - since that's something she has a bit of trouble with.

    Paloma isn't the type to have many enemies, at most two or three. She tries to get along as well as she can with everyone, but if she's in a really bad mood and the other person is a bitch, they probably won't get on very well. If you're a bitch to her, she won't be all sweet to you. An enemy would probably be someone who didn't respect her, someone who took advantage of people.

    The only lover Paloma's ever had was a boy named Wren Holden, her crush when she was around eleven, a few months before she went to Durmstrang. He was a boy in her Muggle school in the UK, and she'd fancied him a whole year before he finally found out. Turns out he liked her as well and they briefly "dated", but it didn't last because they were both young and she, weeks later, moved to Germany. It was with him she had her first kiss and hasn't kissed anyone since then. Her first and second years at Durmstrang were spent with books and focusing on her studies, which didn't leave much time for her to date or even be seen as a potential lover to any boy. She doesn't have a crush on anyone at the moment, and she's just waiting for an opportunity to show. She doesn't care much for flings or relationships - she's still trying to figure out what she wants.



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