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    The Lesson System

    Sophia Chaos
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    Head of Ravenclaw

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    The Lesson System

    Post by Sophia Chaos on Tue Sep 18, 2012 6:59 pm

    Lesson threads are optional. Students may elect to post to lessons if they wish to earn points for their house.

    Class threads may be started by students or the professor. Professors may elect to post a Lesson Summary or otherwise begin the thread for the current lesson for students to reply to, but this is not required. Regardless of who starts them, all lesson threads should be titled with the class name, lesson and year. For example:
    Divination Lesson One, Year Two

    To earn house points, students must post links to any lesson threads to the Roll Sheet. This may be a single post demonstrating the student's behavior during the lesson. The student may also interact with classmates, but this is not required. Do keep in mind that whatever you have your student do, the professor has the option of intervening and taking (or even giving) points.

    Five points per lesson will be awarded to a student's house for each lesson thread. Lesson points may be credited for each class over two only if each lesson reported has two or more replies by that student. Lesson threads must be reported on the Roll Sheet to receive house points.


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