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    A Christmas Hour

    Septimus Bane
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    A Christmas Hour

    Post by Septimus Bane on Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:04 pm

    Seppy walked down Rue Principale and he looked at his yellow jeans,black botton shirt,brown loafers. Seppy looked and he said " I ain't gay I'm straight and just unique." said Seppy. Seppy put his fadora on.Seppy looked and he combed his hair back and he looked and he wished he had a girlfriend. No girl would think he is straight when he is.

    " Brilliant! Wish Triston could see were he belongs. Vallee is so neat. I need to get Damon to come here." smiled Seppy. Seppy missed his brother Triston the only boy in school. Seppy instead had to deal with Jenna's friends.

    Then Seppy sat and he looked and he heard his mum say that he was just a kid in fashion and girls would love him.

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