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    unforgivable sinner

    Emelie Foss
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    unforgivable sinner

    Post by Emelie Foss on Thu Jan 10, 2013 6:07 pm

    The other sibling moved silently, her footsteps making as little sound as possible. She wore no shoes, as the slightest noise would be counterproductive. She needed to find out more about Emelie. There were only certain, useless things Isadora knew. Like that Emelie's favourite colour was turquoise and that they had a pet cat. Isadora hated cats, and had thrown the vile creature out of the door as soon as she met Shadow.

    Emelie's style of clothing had also displeased her. Isadora had strewn all the hats she posessed out on the floor, purely because it would irritate her sister. Tonight, she was wearing her long, stripy stockings, a purple kintted jumper and a short, black skirt.

    Noting the soft purring beside her, Isadora looked down beside her to see the black cat she had disposed of earlier.

    "You again?" the blonde muttered, making it clear in her voice that she hated it. The stupid cat didn't seem to care, and merely strode off, not even to the slightest intimidated. This frustrated Isadora.

    Stomping her foot, the french teen chased after the cat, and grabbed it off the ground. "Why didn't I just kill you in the first place?"

    A small noise. She looked around, and sighed. Dropping the cat (fron where it was in the air), Isadora scurried off to hide.


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