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    Adrian Chmerkovskiy

    Adrian Chmerkovskiy

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    Adrian Chmerkovskiy

    Post by Adrian Chmerkovskiy on Wed Jan 23, 2013 1:30 am

    Adrian Chmerkovskiy

    "Ooo, What's that?"

    Name:Adrian Feliks Chmerkovskiy
    Nickname: Beda, Buddy
    Age: 11 Months
    Date of Birth: September 30th
    Birthplace: Russia
    Current Home: Russia
    Blood Purity: Pure
    Gender: Male
    Sexual alignment: Yet to be Determined
    Job: Being bad-assly adorable

    Face Claim: "Chris Halliwell" (Actor uncredited)
    Body type: Cute, chubby baby body-type
    Height:Just at your knees, when standing
    Hair: A soft, fluffy looking light brown - almost golden in the right light
    Eyes: Bright bubbly blue
    Unique features: Not at the moment.
    Dressing style: Whatever his parents decide to put him in, which turn into an interesting mingle of adorable baby clothes, yet in a range of colours from black to... black - if we're in a vibrant mood, a green may be allowed to slip in there.

    Likes: Dada, Ma, Dragons, Green, music
    Dislikes: quiet, when only one parent is home, being alone, yellow, carrots
    Fears: Thunder, Clowns, Yelling
    Strengths: Being cute, keeping people awake, getting what he wants
    Weaknesses: Walking, creating sentences, behaving
    Personality: Adrian is for the most part like any child; he's happy and curious. There is nothing he won't find his way into if he's not watched closely. He's highly attached to both his parents, and will put up a large fuss if neither of them are around.

    On that note, he is temperamental and stubborn. When he doesn't want to do something, he doesn't want to do it. Perhaps, if present correctly, he can be distracted for a few minutes, but that still won't get him to do it. Although simple decisions, once he makes them, he sticks to them.

    Father: Feliks Chmerkovskiy /19/Arist /living
    Birth-Mother: Elizaveta Ivashkov/22/Waitress/living
    Mother: Karma Black/17/student/Half-Vampire/Living
    Siblings: N/A
    Other significant people: N/A
    Overall history: Adrian was the product of a rather unexpected fling between his father and birth-mother. Nine months before Adrian was born - obviously - his father Feliks, while in the restless mood he had eternally suffered, met Eliza at the restaurant that she was working in. Feliks had in fact only gone into the place to get a quieter place to work on his drawing - the diner was quiet and almost always forgotten. Elizaveta had never claimed to have particularly high standards. Lonely as she was and bored with the completely dead shift, she jumped - almost quiet literally - at the handsome stranger that had entered the place. Feliks didn't leave a name or wait around to get one. He disappeared before the sunrise of the next day.

    Upon discovering she was pregnant, Eliza was less than amused at the bump it was making in her partying plans. She had not dropped out of school only to be saddled with a damn kid on top of it all. She bore her pregnancy with the ill manner she did many of the things in her life, all the while trying to dig up information on the man who had disappeared on her, after getting her stuck in this situation. Finding his name on the scrap of paper he had chucked aside that day - the only time her co-worker's hoarding benefited rather than annoyed her - her limited resources did not find the man she wanted to accuse for a long time. Adrian was born before she had even found which city he resided in - uncaring about the infant she was now stuck with, she gave him her own father's first name, and put his own father's name on for the rest of it. Eliza was not going to be responsible for the thing, if it was the last thing she did. Feliks had disappeared from his home before she found it, adding even more month's to her whole ordeal. Adrian was already four months old by the time Eliza had found his father, who she unceremoniously dumped on him, before leaving. She didn't give him a chance to refuse.

    Feliks, for his part, was at a lost for what to do with the child. His first impulse was, much like Elizaveta to rid himself the child. However the man found a sentimental streak in him, or perhaps he couldn't deny his own blood - which an impulse to test proved true. Either way, Feliks became attached to the child in a way that he hadn't been attached to anything after the death of his mother. Lost, and confused however, he bumbled along in the actual raising of the child, until old friend Karma Black stepped in. Under both their guidance the next eight months of his life, stable if slightly unconventional.

    Favourite Spell: N/A
    Signature Spell: N/A
    Patronus: N/A

    Wand: N/A
    Other belongings: Stuffed Dragon, called Roar by the small boy.


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    Re: Adrian Chmerkovskiy

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