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    What's The Use Of An Empty Heart Container?

    Link Farnsworth
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    Fifth Year Prefect

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    What's The Use Of An Empty Heart Container?

    Post by Link Farnsworth on Fri Jul 20, 2012 3:36 am

    Link walked into the bookstore and slipped the gameboy he had been playing for six hours straight into his back pocket. He had been a true fan of the Zelda games from the beginning. They were some of the only things that mae him feel somewhat happy. He actually enjoyed playing them. He felt like he was in a different reality. Grabbing an Edgar Allan Poe book off a shelf, the fin sat down in a corner and began to read. Unawear of the person approaching him.
    Amélie Blanchard
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    Re: What's The Use Of An Empty Heart Container?

    Post by Amélie Blanchard on Sat Sep 29, 2012 1:35 am

    Mel walked into the shop, breathing deep and smiling at the smell of Old and new books. She ran her fingers over the shelves, almost in a trance. Black Beauty, Spindle's End, Glass Castle, Newts, Tails, and Dragon Scales, The Hobbit, Tales of Beetle the Bard... Muggle and Wizard were wonderfully jumbled. Her eyes automatically scanned the sectn titles, searching for the books on dance. When she finally found the dust little corner dedicated to them, there was someone sitting in front of the shelves. "Um, excuse me," she said apologetically. "Can I get to the shelf behind you?"


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