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    Start using your head ll Completed


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    Start using your head ll Completed

    Post by Manda on Sun Sep 09, 2012 5:51 pm

    It was six days after talking to her Grandmother for the first time in her life, and it was her life that was changed forever, again. Life Changing events seemed to happen to her a lot. Several things had changed; Cosette was now drinking a potion to keep her insanity down, She was learning her complicated family history, and how her father was the way he was.

    It turned out that her father was more insane than any other person the Holender Family. It was his heavy interest and overuse in the Dark Arts that caused this. For an Insane Holender, a little of the Dark Arts was good. It helped you stay sane more often, and as time goes on, the insanity disappears and waits for a new person to target. But their was a catch- the Dark Arts are addictive. It was like picking up a glass of Firewhisky for the first time. The Burn was something else, and it made you want to drink it again. You had to be strong enough to put the glass down and walk away before things got dangerous.

    Cosette knew that she had to be extremely careful when it came to learning the Dark Arts. Her past experiences with alcohol taught her that when she liked something, she became addictive. And the only way to let go of it, was when something major happened. Her sixth month capture helped a little, but when she was free again, the progress vanished as she drank her weight in misery and anger.

    "Cosette, your late," Her grandmother told her coldly. It took a little bit for her to respond though, Cosette wasn't used to her new name. The one that took only five minutes to find after she read the meaning- The Unknown. Taking in her Grandmothers strict and dignified appearance, Cosette blinked and stood up. Her rich black robes flowed behind her, as she walked across the room.

    "Thoughts." That was always her excuse, which her Grandmother understood and did not understand. Arkadi was a women who thought before she acted, but did not live in her thoughts. Arkadi was determined to get Cosette out of the habit.

    Arkadi showed her disappointment through her actions, as she frowned slightly and took a seat across from the window seat. That was one of her many similarities with the seventeen year old. The old and new Cosette/Kait had anger issues, and liked to use actions to show the emotions. With a mixture of words too. There was some major differences though between the two women.

    Arkadi was a pureblood, with the Pureblood qualities. She thought lowly of non-purebloods, and thought of Muggles as dirt. Cosette knew this, and was determined to look past it. Just maybe Cosette could change her grandmother's mind, but she knew it was a hopeless case. Just like her mother, who Cosette was determined to change for the better. Cosette faced the failure of it in the worst way possible.

    "You did it again." Shaking her head, Cosette fought off a blush as she heard her grandmother's words. She wasn't going to say sorry though. The young girl has only been trying for a few days to get out of the habit, and she was lucky to not get lost for an hour.

    "What am I late for?" Cosette asked, meeting her grandmothers brown eyes. The brown eyes that are the exact color of her old ones. "Your history lesson," Arkadi told her after a quiet moment. An all black cat, Arkadi had a fondness for black animals, jumped into the old womens lap and glared at Cosette. Giving a glare in reply, Cosette shifted her attention back at Arkadi.

    "I don't like your cat." Standing up straight, Cosette walked out of the family room, hiding the smirk. So maybe she won't be able to turn her Grandmothers views, but she could show her that no matter how much she changes, Cosette will keep her own views.


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